Alexey Mironov is a  clown who has performed around the World in various International Festivals and circus shows, including Cirque du Soleil Quidam, Teatro Zinzanni chaos dinner-show, Tigerpalast Variete, Paris circus festival “Cirque de demain” and many more. Alexey received his training in classic Russian-style clowning, he has been a one the pioneers in the art of clowning by combining traditional clowning technique with contemporary theatre.

He has developed his unique style of performance, which put him on the very top level in the world of contemporary physical comedy and clowning.”

Alexey decided o be a clown at the age of 12. Later he went to study clowning and mime in famos circus school in Moscow. After, he joined the Micos clown group and performed in the show all over Europe. Later, he decided to concentrate on solo career and start to perform in various venues with solo acts.

He performed at many circus and theater festivals worldwide, such as Barcelona Festival Internatonal de Pallassos, Mime festival in Warsaw. Collaborated with Jango Edwards  and Slava Polunin. Performed on Belgrade Monodrama Festival and took a place at Swiss Comedy Award and “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”

I was six years old, when I saw for the first time a legendary Yuri Nikulin… not live, just on TV…but I was so enchanted and impressed that I instantly knew, what I wanted to be when I grew up… not a policemen, not a fireman, not even the train driver… I wanted to become a clown!

It took me next nine years to say this decision of mine (at loud) to my family back than living in Saratow. I still remember my father’s words; if it´s for real, then go for it! But no second chance, you understand? Enthusiastically I said YES, clueless of knowing what he was really saying…

Happy and full of hopes I went to Moscow in 1989… in the year when Soviet Union has fallen apart… just a perfect timing to become a clown, don’t you think? And so this amazing, yet challenging and sometimes even tough journey of mine begun…

The Bon Voyage is a show so far beyond of an instant (first impression), commercial (without the content) entertainment …but of course it is still an entertainment… where you will be accepted by heart and soul!!


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