Alexey Mironov`s show “Bon Voyage” is presented by an artist, clown and actor who awakens a spectrum of feelings in his audience-from riotous laughter to sad reflectiveness.
Miles away from any other comedy culture, Alexey Mironov celebrates the great art of laughter on the borders between embarrassment and comic, the mundane and poetic.  
His gauche characters often find themselves inconveniently in strange places and unusual situations- a bit like an out of place opera visitor at a concert who can’t escape from boredom. Due to Alexey Mironov’s pefect timing and extraordinary talent, it’s all over in a flash for the audience. He has clownishly enchanted audiences in theatres, varietes and at festivals worldwide.

Touching and funny performance about each of us, amazes naivety and unexpected sense of humour.
Infinitely improvisation, placing new accents, finding unexpected directions is that fine combination makes its individuality.

Art it is continuousness and infinite exploration of humanity.

you are just about to re enter into your own world, through emotions and soul… so just be there for a moment and let´s (re)explore the conditions and the quality of being a human – through the soul touching art of the comedy.

After a decade of on-going creation, in-depth research and meeting with audience all over the world Alexey Mironov in his performance Bon Voyage managed to bring out the original, exceptional and fascinating eccentric character and puts him in an »outside the box«, absurd, but yet lucid life situations.

The performance at the first glimpse might seems just as a sequence of various, perhaps even none related comical gags, which can easily invoke hilarious laughter among the audience. But this spontaneous laughter does not spring only because of an outstanding presentation of the gags through immense talent and artistic skills of Mironov, but mainly because he can create through his character, an atmosphere so sincere and genuine in its simplicity, yet intelligent and savvy in its complexity. This combination triggers a laugh vibration which even the most analytical brain simply can’t resist and switch off …

The Bon Voyage is a show so far beyond of an instant (first impression), commercial (without the content) entertainment …but of course it is still an entertainment… where you will be accepted by heart and soul!!